Hacking Corporate Travel – Annual Contracts

It is no secret that, even in a tough economy, business must go on.  The question for businesses is how to continue providing resources needed for production but maintain cost efficiency.  For organisations that need it, accommodation remains one of these resources.

Embassies and businesses that employ expatriate staff are the most obvious users of hotel apartment services.  However, a large variety of businesses need the accommodation from time to time – financial institutions that employ expatriate project teams, FMCG companies that need to bring large sales teams from time to time, universities and hospitals with visiting scholars and medical teams.

In our 9-year history, Trianum has partnered with a large variety of local and international businesses to provide high quality accommodation at cost effective prices.  Throughout this time, we have come up with innovative solutions tailored to make it easy and cost effective for companies to continue to provide corporate housing solutions.

Annual corporate contracts

A wide variety of organisations are in need of accommodation on a regular basis.  However, they are not able to predict the length of stay for each employee.  Some employees will be relocating for mid to long term contracts (1 year to 3 years), others for short term assignments (between 3 and 6 months) and yet others for only a few days at a time.

These type of organisations will typically wish to enter into an annual corporate contract.  This contract presents 2 advantages for the corporate organization: it will guarantee fixed daily, weekly and monthly rate for a defined period of time, typically 1 year.  This will avoid the unpredictability that comes with seasonal price adjustments that have become typical of all hospitality asset classes.

The second advantage of this contract is that it will offer a credit period – typically tied to the length of stay or after 30 days.  The company can therefore house employees and arrange to pay upon check out or 30 days from the date of invoice.

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