Hacking Corporate Travel – Security


Two recent reports Upsurge In Nairobi Serviced Apartments and Nairobi in an upsurge of serviced apartments published in local Kenyan dailies showed that serviced apartments are increasingly becoming an option for a lot of corporate organizations. 

One of the reasons driving this perception that they are a safer option than traditional hotels, which have higher traffic of persons and are more obvious targets for terrorist attacks.  Recent security concerns have arisen in Nairobi following recent attacks around what are considered high profile targets and therefore fully furnished and serviced apartments have become a suitable and safer alternative.

Over the last 9 years, Trianum has housed a variety of embassies and multinational organisations.  These organisations have traditionally had some of the highest security standards.  When Trianum noticed this trend 5 years ago, it created a minimum standard for security for the serviced apartment complexes it manages.  These standards are now standard features across the portfolio.

One of the most basic standards – 24-hour guards with alarm back up – is still available at all our properties.  However, we have partnered with accredited security providers and hold regular meetings with our security service provider to share information intended to enhance security.

Typical perimeter security features include electric fence connected to alarm back up and controlled access at the entrances to gates and the apartment blocks.  We have installed biometric or PIN controlled access at entrances of apartment blocks.  We are currently piloting full visitor management solution with automatic data extraction from identity cards and passports.

In certain instances, we have been able to provide individualized security measures. For one of our corporate clients, we provided a hand held alarm that sent a unique signal to the gate to alert them of her arrival in order to aid quick access.  In another case we provide hand held panic alarm buttons to all employees of a certain corporate client that are connected to both our service provider and to their office.

In all cases, we ensure that all visitors report to the reception and do not proceed to the apartment without the express permission of the resident that they are coming to visit.

For properties with restaurants, we ensure that all public events wind down at 11 p.m. in order to minimize noise and movement in the property during late hours.

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